Weekend Shenanigans at Hills and Dales Accommodation


Weekend Shenanigans at Hills and Dales Accommodation

Long weekend of  7th, 8th & 9th August 2015, we had a Bachelor Party at Jabulani on the Saturday, with a braai for dinner and egg and bacon rolls for breakfast.   Always excellent reviews for Jabulani and the catering.  Since inception 3 years ago, and operating with just a roof over our heads at Jabulani, the reviews have been great!  Not one single bad review!  How is that for a perfect record!  

At Hlala Lapa and for a difference, we had a ladies Church Group for 3 days, with catering.  We loved the haunting singing and harmonising.  All the meals were thoroughly enjoyed with not a crumb left at any meal!  Our staff delivered messages of thanks and enjoyment from the guests!  Quiches, salads, potjies, hot garlic bread, malva pudding & vanilla ice cream with the famous bread and butter pudding with clotted cream and loads of cinnamon, raisons and sultanas all got rave reviews J.  9Aug2015

The family at Fish Eagle Lodge enjoyed the services of Sheer Bliss our mobile massage lady who I can recommend highly from personal experience!  Sooooo, they had a gorgeous Saturday morning in the winter sunshine on the deck of the lodge being totally spoilt with massages. 

A couple were also settled into the Swallow, only to emerge on departure, along with our almost permanent resident in the Dabchick who just does not want to leave us it seems!

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